Money Management Plan for Military and Veteran Families

Create a Financial Plan for Your Civilian Life

Many military families experience anxiety after transition to civilian life. I help clients reduce transition stress by helping them create a vision for their future and establish a plan to create their next meaningful life, because my husband is retired USAF. 

Continue a purposeful life

Veterans often feel a loss of a sense of purpose and family after separation. Getting control of your finances will allow you the freedom to pursue your next meaningful life.

Strengthen relationships

Talking about money isn’t always easy and may lead to fights. Starting the conversation around your mutual goals helps reduce anxiety and improve family communication.

Establish Your Forever Home

You may choose to plant roots somewhere or you may travel the country in a camper. Whatever you choose, your military roots will help you build a sense of belonging in your forever community.

How Coaching Works

When you sign up for a consultation, I’ll ask you a few questions to help me prepare for the discussion. Then you’ll get an email from me explaining what to expect from that call.

Once you sign up for my program, I’ll send you a short checklist of what to do before our first coaching session. This includes a few legal documents describing my process and terms and instructions to gather some key information to prepare for our first session. 

Have you dreamed about life with less debt?

The first coaching session starts by talking about where you are now and where you want to go. We’ll talk about your future dreams for your family and what you want that to look like. Once you identify your family’s goals, we’ll work together to get you on a plan to reach those goals.

How will it feel to get control of your money? 

The first 3 coaching sessions, the Budget Commander Course, are designed to create a Money Management Plan. We start by talking about your goals and vision to establish what you’re working towards. To make your money work towards your goals, you must first know where your money is going. That’s why we take a deep dive into your recent spending to create a cash flow plan. Finally, we’ll set up custom reports to help you monitor your progress, identifying what feedback you need to track and adjust your cash flow and savings. 

Stay on Track towards Your Goals 

Once you complete the initial Budget Commander Course, you have the option to transition to the Graduate program, where you manage your plan on your own, or to the Money Commander program with accountability support and quarterly coaching sessions. These quarterly coaching sessions will cover your specific money challenges and specialty topics to help keep you on track to reach your goals. Over time, you’ll establish new money management habits so you can execute and monitor your plan without my help.

Money Management Solutions

Step 1: Setting the Foundation

Free Consultation

Start your journey to financial freedom 

My focus of this chat is to get to know your money challenges and goals. Once I understand your situation, we’ll talk through options for moving forward. 
That will allow you to decide the right path for your family.

Budget Commander Course

$249 per month for 3 months

Your Money Management Plan includes 3 one-on-one coaching sessions (1 hour each) to:
  • Identify your vision & goals
  • Create your own ‘MoneyCoach’ account
  • Establish your custom Cash Flow Plan (aka budget)
  • Create a Debt Payoff Plan
  • Personalize reports to monitor progress

Step 2: Keeping You on Track

Money Commander

For anyone looking for a more traditional coaching relationship and a holistic money management support

$74 per month includes:

  • Access to your own ‘MoneyCoach’ account 
  • Weekly accountability reports to keep you on track throughout the month 
  • Monthly Reports to help monitor your plan
  • Quarterly Coaching Sessions (1 hour each) to monitor progress and discuss specialty topics
Add-on available:
  • Bookkeeping support of personal cash flow: +$75/mo


For graduates of any program who want to manage their own MoneyCoach account

$27 per month includes:

  • Access to your MoneyCoach account; you take control of categorizing transactions
  • Email support to answer software questions 
  • Access to a video library of guides on using the software 
Add-ons available:
  • Bookkeeping support of personal cash flow: +$75/mo
  • Fixups or money management support (categorization, rule creation, reports): $75 for each block of 30 minutes 

My commitment to continuing education

I believe continuing education is critical to improve existing skills, learn new competencies, and discover alternative solutions to help me better serve my clients. I am committed to continuously pursue educational opportunities in money management, communication and emotional intelligence to promote my growth as a coach. 

As a member of the Financial Coaches Network, I have access to a proprietary Knowledgebase of advanced personal finance topics designed to help financial coaches better serve their clients.

The Knowledgebase was developed by Joshua Escalante Troesh, CFP; a Tenured Professor of Business and Personal Finance who has written personal finance curriculum adopted by multiple community colleges and approved by the Cal State University system’s Chancellors Office for meeting General Education requirements for all Cal State Universities.